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A tribute to Carolynn De Fonseca

There are so many extraordinary and talented voice actors who have spent a life-time dubbing hundreds upon hundreds of great Italian movies into English, and yet so few of these people have received the recognition they so greatly deserve for several decades-worth of long and hard work. Out of all the English-language dubbers based in Rome, one of the most memorable is without a doubt the late, great Carolynn De Fonseca, whose breathy, sensual and seductively feminine voice will be instantly recognizable to anyone who is into Italian movies. Fans of Italian cult cinema will probably recognize her as the voice of Daria Nicolodi in Deep Red (1975), Barbara Magnolfi in Suspiria (1977), Franca Stoppi in Beyond the Darkness (1979) and Mariangela Giordano in The Nights of Terror (1981) but those roles make up just a tiny fraction of Carolynn’s amazing career, which includes more than 1000 dubbing credits over the span of nearly 40 years.

According to information I found at the Ancestry.com website, Carolynn was born on 25 June 1929 in San Francisco, California, USA as Carolyn Lila Fonseca, although she later preferred spelling her first name with two N’s. Carolynn wanted to try her luck as an actress and in the early 1960s she headed to Italy and the prosperous Roman film industry in search of acting work. She landed a couple of good supporting roles – notably in Richard Fleishcer's Rome-lensed, large-scale epic Barabbas (1961), in which she can be seen interacting with Anthony Quinn as one of the sinful women at the tavern, and in the peplum adventure Damon and Pythias (1962), in which she plays a love potion maker. She was never able to achieve the success she had hoped for but did, however, continue to land a few small roles every now and then - a later credit includes Midas Run (1969), an American caper movie partially filmed in Italy.

A young Carolynn can be seen right next to Anthony Quinn in these screenshots from Barabbas

Carolynn is Chloe the love potion maker in Damon and Pythias

Carolynn appears briefly as a brusque German woman in the caper film Midas Run

The Italian industry was blossoming in the early 1960s - with more and more Italian productions being made with an international audience in mind. Consequently, the English dubbing industry in Rome grew rapidly. Native English speakers were in great demand for dubbing, and Carolynn soon found that there was constant work to be found at the Fono Roma dubbing studios. I do not know exactly when she started her dubbing career but the earliest films in which I’ve detected her unmistakable voice are from 1961. One of these early dubbing jobs was in Mario Bava’s colorful peplum adventure Hercules in the Center of the Earth (1961), in which Carolynn lends her voice to actress Ely Drago, who plays a minor role as a love interest for the film’s co-lead, Giorgio Ardisson. The same year she also worked on the early Italian horror film Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory, in which she dubs the part of Leonore, the faithful lover of the film’s titular werewolf.

Ely Drago in Hercules in the Center of the Earth was one of the first actresses to be dubbed into English by Carolynn De Fonseca

Another early dubbing performance for Carolynn was to provide the voice of the sinister Leonore in Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory. Unfortunately, I have not been able to identify the actress who plays this part. If you know who she is then please let me know!

In the early 1960s, peplum was the leading Italian genre to be exported abroad, and Carolynn quickly progressed to voicing larger parts in these films. She was at her absolute best when dubbing seductive and evil queens – some of the more memorable examples being her dubbing of Moira Orfei in Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules and Ursus in the Valley of the Lions (both 1961). Carolynn had found her forte and throughout the rest of her career, voicing seductive femme fatales would remain one of her specialties.

Moira Orfei's part as the villainous and campily extravagant queen in Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules was a perfect part for Carolynn to dub, and voicing such parts would quickly become her forte

Janine Hendy as the evil queen in the silly but enjoyable Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) is another memorable peplum part dubbed by Carolynn

In additions to dubbing evil queens, Carolynn's versatility also made her a natural choice to voice female leads, such as Cuban beauty Bella Cortez in Ali Baba and the Seven Saracens (1964). She had also previously dubbed Cortez in a more villainous part in Tor - Mighty Warrior (1963)

Of course, peplum was just one out of many genres that Carolynn dabbled in. Throughout the 1960s she dubbed leads and villains in all of the prolific Italian genres, including horror, Euro-spy, adventure and western. Below is a small selection of some of the many memorable parts she dubbed in this period:

In Mario Bava's gothic horror classic The Whip and the Body (1963) Carolynn provides the voice of the ravishing Israeli actress Daliah Lavi

In Massimo Pupillo's delightfully campy horror movie Bloody Pit of Horror (1965), Carolynn dubs the voice of Hawaiian beauty Moa Tahi, who in the film's most famous sequence is caught in a spider web and menaced by hilariously unconvincing giant spider designed by a young Carlo Rambaldi

In Terror Creatures from the Grave (1965), another terrific Massimo Pupillo horror movie, Carolynn dubs the voice of the undisputed queen of Italian gothic horror cinema: Barbara Steele. The English Steele could well have dubbed her own voice but rarely opted to do so - in fact Carolynn also dubbed her in Antonio Margheriti's The Long Hair of Death (1964)

In the giallo/gothic horror hybrid The Murder Clinic (1966), Carolynn dubs the wonderful French actress Françoise Prevost in wonderfully bitchy fashion. Her voice matches Prevost's age and persona perfectly, and she would consequently dub Prevost again in A Woman on Fire (1969)

Euro-spy is another genre in which Carolynn's voice was frequently utilized, such as in the enjoyably cheesy Secret Agent Super Dragon (1966), in which she dubs the voice of the fabulous Marisa Mell. A decade later, Carolynn dubbed Mell again in the gritty crime thriller The Beast with a Gun (1977)

The Euro-spy adventure Password: Kill Agent Gordon (1966) features what is probably one of Carolynn's most bizarre dubbing performances. She provides the voice of well-known character actor Franco Ressel in the role a wheelchair-bound villainess with a booby-trapped umbrella who is eventually revealed to be a man in disguise!

Franco Ressel after his wig comes off in Password: Kill Agent Gordon. Definitely an oddball performance for Carolynn to dub but - as you will soon see - it was not the last time she would dub a transsexual character

In the colorful superhero adventure Superargo Against Diabolicus (1966), Carolynn once again does what she does best and provides the voice of fiery-haired villainess Loredana Nusciak

Carolynn was also a prolific dubbing voice in spaghetti westerns, and one of her best known efforts is as the voice of the fiery Valeria Fabrizi in Sergio Corbucci's Ringo and His Golden Pistol (1966). Later, she would dub Fabrizi again in the lesser-known western Four Pistols for Trinity (1971) and in the sex comedy Chaste and Pure (1981)

Carolynn dubs the voice of Danish actress Ann Smyrner as a wicked doctor in the endearingly silly sci-fi adventure Mission Stardust (1967), based on the popular pulp novel series Perry Rhodan

Carolynn's versatility led her to dub actresses in several age ranges, and in Sergio Corbucci's spaghetti western classic The Great Silence (1968) she voices the brilliant character actress Marisa Merlini in the role of a colorful saloon madam

Another classic spaghetti western to feature Carolynn's vocal talent is Sergio Sollima's Run, Man, Run (1968) in which she dubs the voice of the smashing Linda Veras

In the giallo/crime hybrid Death Knocks Twice (1968), Carolynn dubs the voice of Swedish sexpot Anita Ekberg. The film itself might be rather lacklustre but I can't think of a better voice actress to match Ekberg's persona

Carolynn lends her seductive tones to the excellent British-born starlet Margaret Lee in Venus in Furs (1969), one of the best regarded films from highly prolific cult director Jess Franco

One thing about the English dubbing of Italian films which is somewhat unusual is the voicing of popular actors. In countries such as Italy, France and Germany it is customary in the dubbing of foreign films that all the big stars have a regular dubber who does their voice in all of their films to secure a sense of continuity. This is usually not the case, however, in the English-dubbed versions of Italian films, and as such, Carolynn never dubbed any actresses on a regular basis. There are nevertheless a few notable actresses whom she voiced on several occasions. The most famous of these was busty blonde Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield. Mansfield was starring in several European productions in the 1960s but for whatever reason she chose to not dub her own voice, so Carolynn was brought in to dub Mansfield – with her breathy, girlish voice proving to be a perfect fit for the famed Hollywood blonde. Carolynn dubbed Mansfield in the crime drama Dog Eat Dog and the mondo-style sex comedy Primitive Love (both 1964) but not, however, in the peplum adventure The Loves of Hercules (1960) even though this has sometimes been reported.

Jayne Mansfield doing a sexy dance in Primitive Love

Dog Eat Dog features another sexy Mansfield role dubbed by Carolynn

The most (in)famous occasion on which Carolynn provided Mansfield’s voice, however, was in the notorious The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (1968), a trashy faux-documentary churned out by producer and exploitation genius Dick Randall in order to cash in on Mansfield’s untimely death in a car crash in 1967. A few years earlier, Mansfield had shot some footage in Italy and France for a travelogue that was never finished. The footage, which had been shot without sound, didn’t amount to more than about 30 minutes but Randall padded the rest of the running time with sexy clips from Mansfield’s earlier films, and lots of footage from bizarre European nightclubs (with shots of Mansfield unconvincingly inserted to make it appear as if she is present). But the pièce de résistance of this spectacularly tacky documentary is Jayne Mansfield’s narration. Obviously, the narration was not done by Mansfield herself, but by Carolynn, who imitates Mansfield’s voice as best she can and puts on a spectacular show of hilarious dialogue delivered in wonderfully sultry and breathy fashion like only she was able to.

Two screenshots of Jayne Mansfield from the notorious The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield

In addition to Jayne Mansfield there are also a few other notable actresses whose voices Carolynn dubbed on several occasions, such as Dagmar Lassander and Rita Silva.

Bitto Albertini's Black Emanuelle 2 (1976), the in-name-only sequel to Albertini's landmark hit Black Emanuelle (1975) with Laura Gemser, is the earliest film I have found in which Carolynn dubs the voice of the ravishing Dagmar Lassander

Carolynn dubs Dagmar Lassander again in Joe D'Amato's erotic period piece The Pleasure (1985). In addition, she also dubbed Lassander in the gritty crime film Return of the 38 Gang (1977) and in Lucio Fulci's gory horror hit The House by the Cemetery (1981)

In the supremely trashy W.I.P. flick Hell Behind Bars (1983), Carolynn dubs the sadistic lesbian warden played by Rita Silva in a terrifically bitchy and over the top fashion that greatly complements Silva's performance

Carolynn dubs Rita Silva again in Hell Penitentiary (1983), the companion piece to Hell Behind Bars, in which Silva once again portrays a sadistic lesbian prison warden. In addition, Carolynn also dubbed Silva in Lucio Fulci's notorious The New York Ripper (1982) and in the low-budget sex romp The Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra (1985)

But the most memorable actress that Carolynn dubbed several times is arguably the great Rosalba Neri. Carolynn's breathy and sensual tones are a terrific fit for the catty and spellbindingly sexy Neri. A perfect combo!

The enjoyable Eurospy adventure Hot Diamonds in Cold Blood (1967) is the earliest film I have found in which Carolynn dubs the voice of Rosalba Neri, who appears here in a classical femme fatale role

In Fernando Di Leo's ultra-trashy giallo Slaughter Hotel (1971), Carolynn dubs Rosalba Neri in the role of an insatiable nymphomaniac

The sexy giallo Smile Before Death (1972) is another film in which Rosalba Neri is dubbed by Carolynn

Carolynn really gets to dig into the bitchy dialogue as she voices Rosalba Neri's villainous character in the highly enjoyable female gladiator flick The Arena (1973)

Carolynn’s husband of more than 40 years was the legendary dubbing actor/director Ted Rusoff (1939-2013). Ted was the nephew of American International Pictures (AIP) head Samuel Z. Arkoff, and because of his extensive knowledge of languages, he was entrusted with going to Italy in 1963 to oversee the English dubbing of Italian films which AIP had purchased for American release. It was in the Italian dubbing studios that Ted became acquainted with Carolynn, who was already an established voice actress at that point. The two were married in August 1966 and would go on to collaborate on innumerable projects. The earliest film I have discovered in which the voices of Ted and Carolynn are both present is the 1965 horror film Bloody Pit of Horror. The pair would continue to work together more and more frequently, and Carolynn was often assigned leading voice roles in films where Ted was in charge of writing and directing the English dubbing.

In 2010, Ted Rusoff was interviewed by John Charles for the magazine Video Watchdog, and the full interview can also be read at Charles' blog. I strongly recommend you to check it out, as this is a really terrific and highly informative piece in which Rusoff discusses his dubbing career in detail and shares wonderful memories of his wife and other dubbing colleagues.

Dubbing legend Ted Rusoff, Carolynn's husband and work companion for more than 40 years

By the early 1970s, Carolynn had given up her ambition for on-screen acting and instead focused all of her efforts on dubbing. As mentioned, she specialized in dubbing bitchy villainesses and would always dig into those roles with a wild enthusiasm that would enhance the entertainment value of many a mediocre, low-budget film. But she was also perfect for voicing sultry sexpots, sobbing hysterics or straight female leads, and below you’ll find a nice selection of a few particularly memorable dubbing appearances made during the 1970s:

In Sergio Martino's excellent and influential giallo The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (1971), Carolynn dubs the voice of Cristina Airoldi as Edwige Fenech's ditzy and party-loving best friend

The Bud Spencer/Terence Hill adventure comedy Blackie the Pirate (1971) features Carolynn as the voice of the breathtaking Silvia Monti. Carolynn later dubbed Monti again in the violent crime film The Last Desperate Hours (1974)

In the popular giallo The Case of the Bloody Iris (1972), Carolynn dubs the terrific black actress/dancer Carla Brait in the role of a sassy nightclub entertainer

Umberto Lenzi's giallo classic Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (1972) has Carolynn dubbing the voice of renowned stage actress Rossella Falk in the role of a paranoid asylum patient

Carolynn dubs the voice of the outstanding Florinda Bolkan in Lucio Fulci's unflinching and violent giallo masterpiece Don't Torture a Duckling (1972)

Yet another enjoyable giallo to feature Carolynn's voice is The Lady in Red Kills Seven Times (1972), in which she dubs the voice of a young Sybil Danning - several years before her breakthrough in American B-movies

The sex comedy was another popular genre in Italy in the 1970s in which Carolynn's voice talent was frequently employed - for example in Poker in Bed (1974), in which she dubs the voice of character actress Didi Perego

Carolynn provides the voice of French actress Sabine Sun in the role of a wicked amazon woman in the silly adventure film War Goddess (1974), directed by Sun's husband, British filmmaker Terence Young, who had made three James Bond films before falling out of favor and being forced to spend the remainder of his career doing cheap B-movies throughout Europe

One of the most famous dubbing performances of Carolynn's career is probably her voicing of Daria Nicolodi in Dario Argento's giallo masterpiece Deep Red (1975). She also dubbed Nicolodi again in Argento's Phenomena (1984)

Another excellent dubbing performance by Carolynn is as the voice of the seductive and merciless avenger played by Rosemarie Lindt in Joe D'Amato's amazing sexploitation/revenge flick Emanuelle's Revenge (1975)

In Andrea Bianchi's spectacularly trashy giallo Strip Nude for Your Killer (1975), Carolynn dubs the voice of actress Giuliana Cecchini (a.k.a. Amanda) in the role of a bitchy lesbian model agency boss - one of Carolynn's character specialties

Another trashy Andrea Bianchi film to feature Carolynn's voice is the tacky sex drama My Father's Wife (1976), in which she dubs the voice of faded Hollywood starlet Carroll Baker. Baker nearly always dubbed her own voice but chose not to do it for this film - presumably because she was embarrassed by her own work, which pretty much consists of her boozing heavily on J&B, getting naked or sobbing hysterically. Carolynn, however has a field day with the trashy dialogue and puts on an enjoyable over the top show

The silly sex comedy The Lady Medic (1976) features Carolynn dubbing a small but memorable role played by supersized character actress Maria De Sisti

The violent crime flick Fear in the City (1976) is notable for having Carolynn dub the brief part of an ill-fated transvestite prostitute. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the actor who plays this role

The short-lived infamous Nazisploitation sub-genre of the mid to late 1970s made frequent use of Carolynn's talent for voicing nasty villainesses, and in the gritty SS Experiment Love Camp (1976) she dubs Patrizia Melega in the role of a monstruous concentration camp doctor who experiments on the prisoners

A far campier Nazisploitation effort to feature Carolynn's voice is Luigi Batzella's ridiculous Achtung! The Desert Tigers (1976), in which she employs a thick German accent to dub Lea Lander in the role of sadistic Nazi doctor who also enjoys getting whipped

The most notorious of all the Nazisploitation films Carolynn worked on was probably The Gestapo's Last Orgy (1976), in which she dubs Maristella Greco in the unforgettable role of a nasty Gestapo woman who enjoys throwing menstruating concentration camp prisoners to her Dobermans

Who can forget Carolynn's dubbing of Barbara Magnolfi in the small but memorable part of the brassy, serpentine ballerina who befriends Jessica Harper in Dario Argento's horror masterpiece Suspiria (1977)?

Carolynn was also a heavy presence in the violent crime thrillers of the 1970s - for example as the voice of prolific genre actress Gabriella Giorgelli in Umberto Lenzi's awesome The Cynic, The Rat and the Fist (1977)

Carolynn dubs the voice of Finnish-born starlet Yanti Somer in Alfonso Brescia's mind-numbingly ridiculous sci-fi adventure Star Odyssey (1978)

In Luigi Zampa's anthology comedy Tigers in Lipstick (1979), Carolynn gets the chance to dub the voice of renowned actress Monica Vitti

Another one of Carolynn's over the top dubbing jobs is in the infamous The Killer Nun (1979), in which she dubs Anita Ekberg - long past her glory days and considerably heavier - in the role of a hysterical, morphine-addicted nun who may or may not be a serial killer

Another unforgettable dubbing performance was as the voice of the great Franca Stoppi as the deranged housekeeper in Joe D'Amato grisly horror classic Beyond the Darkness (1979)

It should be noted that although a majority of Carolynn’s voice work was in a long line of B-movies which have since achieved cult status, she also contributed to the English language versions of more prestigious projects – a good example being Federico Fellini’s Amarcord (1973), in which she supplies the voice of the mathematics teacher played by Dina Adorni.

The brief but notable part of the mathematics teacher in Fellini's Amarcord was one of Carolynn's most prestigious dubbing jobs

While a great many of the films dubbed by Carolynn De Fonseca were Italian, her voice can also be heard in films from other countries as well. For example, she did a lot of work in several notable Spanish productions, and here are a few examples of her dubbing roles in Spanish films:

In Return of the Evil Dead (1973), the second installment in Amando De Ossorio's famous horror quadriolgy of The Blind Dead, Carolynn dubs the voice of the film's attractive female lead Esperanza Roy

Carolynn dubs the voice of prolific character actress Montserrat Julio in a small but notable part in José Ramon Larraz's bizarre erotic film The Coming of Sin (1978), also known under the infamous title Violation of the Bitch

The Spanish erotic horror classic Satan's Blood (1978) has Carolynn voicing the prominent part of a sinister woman played by the beautiful Sandra Alberti

J.P. Simon's cheesy slasher movie favorite Pieces (1982) features Carolynn as the voice of a nosy college secretary played by actress Hilda Fuchs

In the bizarre Spanish horror film Monster Dog (1984), directed by Italian filmmaker Claudio Fragasso and starring rock singer Alice Cooper, Carolynn dubs the voice of the film's sexy female lead Victoria Vera

Another Spanish production of particular interest is Eloy de la Iglesia's horror film The Cannibal Man (1971), in which Carolynn dubs no less than three different characters: the barmaid Rosa (Vicky Lagos), ill-fated victim Carmen (Lola Herrera) and the brief part of a woman in soup commercial seen on a television set. It was actually not unheard of for voice actors to dub more than one actor in the same film as long as these were actors who did not appear together in any scenes. The Cannibal Man, however, features some brief overlapping when Rosa the barmaid appears in the same scene in which the woman in the soup commercial is seen on a television set. This actually violates a golden dubbing rule and hence it was something which occurred very rarely, although it did sometimes happen in very cheaply made films which apparently had little resources to spend on dubbing. A notable example is the trashy low-budget hostage drama Escape from Women’s Prison (1978) about a bunch of escaped female convicts who take a team of young female tennis players hostage. Here Carolynn dubs the voice of Marina D’Aunia in the prominent part of an evil and wicked predatory lesbian who preys on the hostages, but she also voices Angela Doria, who plays a smaller part as one the spunky hostages. This inevitably sounds rather awkward in the scenes in which D’Aunia and Doria appear together.

Dubbing role #1 in The Cannibal Man: Vicky Lagos as Rosa

Dubbing role #2 in The Cannibal Man: Lola Herrera as Carmen

Dubbing role #3 in The Cannibal Man: The woman in the soup commercial on TV (played by an unidentified actress)

In Escape from Women's Prison, Carolynn voices the wicked Marina D'Aunia in typically bitchy fashion...

...but she also lends her voice to Angela Doria as one of the hostage girls

At the start of the 1980s, Carolynn took up her old job of acting in front of the camera, and she landed small but notable roles in a number of films and television productions. While some of these were Italian in origin, a significant number were American productions shot on location in Rome, and thereby in need of native English speakers in supporting parts.

Monsignor (1982), a critically panned Hollywood drama starring Christopher Reeve as an immoral Roman Catholic priest, was filmed entirely in Italy and features Carolynn in a small role as Reeve's secretary

The expensive and hugely popular all-star cast TV mini series The Winds of War (1983), set during World War II, was partially filmed in Italy and features a nice little role for Carolynn as one of several train passengers who are stopped by Nazi officers on the look-out for Jews on the run

The Lonely Lady (1983) is a widely panned Hollywood production based on a trashy novel by Harold Robbins and starring Pia Zadora as an ill-fortuned young woman who dreams of becoming a successful Hollywood screenwriter. Much of the film was shot in Italy and features a large number of Rome-based dubbing actors in small roles, including Carolynn, who appears briefly as a Hollywood agent

The Italian TV mini series Mussolini and I (1985) is an expensive production which focuses on Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his relationship with his family and his mistress. Carolynn appears in a fair supporting role as Giuseppina, the mother of Mussolini's mistress Claretta Petacci

Another scene from the mini series Mussolini and I featuring Carolynn and her real-life husband Ted Rusoff as the parents of Claretta Petacci together with Bob Hoskins in the role of Mussolini

Ted and Carolynn in an emotional scene in Mussolini and I together with actress Barbara De Rossi in the role of Claretta Petacci

Detective School Dropouts (1986), an American-Italian action comedy produced by the Cannon Group, features Carolynn in a comedic role as an unfortunate tourist

Another production to feature Carolynn is the American TV movie thriller The Fifth Missile (1986), which was filmed largely in Italy. The films deals with an American ballistic missile submarine crew who start to go insane after being exposed to dangerous chemicals in paint onboard, and thus making them liable to start a nuclear war. Carolynn appears in a nice supporting role as the neighbor of a crew member - providing some assistance to Sam Waterston's character, who is trying to investigate the strange behavior of the submarine crew

In Dino Risi's comedy Teresa (1987), Carolynn appears in a fairly prominent role as Brunhilde, a brusque and intimidating German noblewoman who does not approve of her old, foolish brother's plans to marry the voluptuous, young Teresa (played by sexy starlet Serena Grandi)

Carolynn together with Robert Spafford, who plays her brother in the film Teresa. Spafford was a fellow dubbing actor and worked with Carolynn on numerous projects

Ruggero Deodato's expensive but barely released TV mini series Ocean (1989) showcases Carolynn as a brothel madam in what is probably one the most substantial on-screen roles of her career

Carolynn in another scene from the mini series Ocean

Carolynn in a scene together with well-known actor Mario Adorf in Ocean

Carolynn also has a notable role in Bernardo Bertolucci's The Sheltering Sky (1990), where she appears as a representative from the American embassy who comes to bring Debra Winger's character back to civilization near the end of the film

Carolynn with Debra Winger in a scene from The Sheltering Sky

Still, dubbing would remain Carolynn’s primary job and throughout the 1980s she would continue to lend her unmistakable voice to a series of leads and villainesses in numerous films which have since become beloved cult classics.

One of Carolynn’s most notorious dubbing performances from the 1980s is no doubt in Andrea Bianchi’s gory and absurdly silly zombie horror movie The Nights of Terror (1981), in which she dubs the voice of Mariangela Giordano in the role of Evelyn, a buxom, fortyish and frequently hysterical socialite with an uncannily intimate relationship with her creepy teenage son but who nevertheless knows how to wield a machete and kick some zombie ass! Pretty much every review that I have come cross of this film makes a great point of how ridiculous and downright terrible the English dubbing is, and there is no denying that the dialogue is indeed laughable. Particular criticism has been leveled at Carolynn’s dubbing of Mariangela Giordano, which is in essence a non-stop parade of hysterical and over the top camp histrionics. What most of the people who bash this dub job fail to see, however, is the fact that Mariangela Giordano’s acting is just that: a non-stop parade of hysterical and over the top camp histrionics. As such, Carolynn’s dubbing is actually very much in keeping with what you see on screen. A lot of voice actors would just lazily go through the motions when faced with having to dub something as laughably idiotic as The Nights of Terror (just take a look at the English versions of most of Jess Franco’s 1980s films) but Carolynn decided to go all in and do her best to replicate the absurd on-screen insanity in her vocal performance, and for that I think she should be commended!

Mariangela Giordano in hysterical mode in The Nights of Terror

Throughout the 1980s, Carolynn kept herself busy dubbing all kinds of films - be it gory horror movies, sleazy W.I.P. flicks, silly barbarian adventures, steamy sexploitation fare and much more. Below are a few memorable selections:

One of Carolynn's more bizarre dubbing performances from the 1980s is no doubt in Enzo G. Castellari's crime thriller The Day of the Cobra (1980), where Carolynn dubs the voice of actress Licinia Lentini in the part of a feisty and wicked drug-addicted baddie named Lola

In the film's most memorable sequence by far, Lola and the film's lead (played by the great Franco Nero) get into a fight in an empty disco...

...and things get even weirder as Franco Nero pulls off Lola's wig and discovers that she is actually a man! While the androgynous-looking Licinia Lentini played the character for most of the film, stuntman Claudio Pacifico takes over the part after Lola's wig comes off. This marks the third time that Carolynn is selected to dub a transsexual character - following Password: Kill Agent Gordon in 1966 and Fear in the City in 1976

In Lamberto Bava's underrated horror film Macabre (1980), Carolynn dubs British actress Bernice Stegers in a New Orleans accent

Carolynn dubs the voice of legendary actress Alida Valli in Dario Argento's horror classic Inferno (1980)

Tisa Farrow apparently didn't bother to dub herself in Joe D'Amato's gory horror hit Antropophagus (1980) so Carolynn was called in to do the job

Carolynn provides dubbing for Joe D'Amato again in his disappointing horror/porn hybrid Sexy Nights of the Living Dead (1980), in which she dubs the voice of D'Amato regular Dirce Funari

One film in which Carolynn's voice makes a surprising appearance is the American horror film Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (1981), the directorial debut of James Cameron! Although an American production with an all American cast, the film's producer was the Italian Ovidio G. Assonitis, who took the film to Rome for post-production and re-editing. This meant that some supporting actors who were unavailable to re-dub part of their dialogue in Rome had to be entirely re-dubbed. That was the case with actress Carole Davies, who plays a fairly big part as a bitchy sunbather. Her performance was re-dubbed from scratch by Carolynn

Joe D'Amato's ridiculous barbarian adventure Ator the Fighting Eagle (1982) features Carolynn as the voice of softcore sex queen Laura Gemser in the role of an evil, seductive sorceress

Ninja Strikes Back (1982) is a cheap Hong Kong action movie starring the infamous Bruce Lee clone Bruce Le and produced by exploitation genius Dick Randall. Since Randall was based in Italy, the film was partially shot in Rome and also dubbed there. Consequently, Carolynn was brought in to dub the fiery-haired female lead played by Randall's wife, Corliss, who is credited under the awesome pseudonym "Chick Norris"

Carolynn's voice talent was also in frequent demand in W.I.P. flicks, and in Bruno Mattei's impressively sleazy Violence in a Women's Prison (1982) she puts on a great and delightfully exaggerated performance as the voice of the prison's requisite nasty bulldyke Hertha, played by former pornographic actress Françoise Perrot

An even sleazier W.I.P. trash masterpiece to feature a terrific over the top voice performace by Carolynn is Bruno Mattei's infamous Blade Violent (1983) where Carolynn dubs the voice of Ursula Flores in the role of deranged and sadistic inmate Albina, and gets to utter such immortal lines as "Take my advice and die!" and "I'll put a stop to your arrogance, you haughty hottentot!"

Blade Violent is a truly spectacular slice of grade Z nonsense in which the hysterical and unconvincgly synchronized dubbing adds an extra layer of fun to the all-around campy and exaggerated acting. To fully take in the awesomeness of this inspiredly demented a schlock I think a YouTube clip of the film's most ridiculous dialogue exchange is required:

Yet another Bruno Mattei film in which Carolynn's voice makes an appearance is The Seven Magnificent Gladiators (1983) in which she dubs thoe voice of British model-actress Mandy Rice-Davies, best known for her role in the 1963 Profumo scandal which brought down Britain's conservative government

In The Throne of Fire (1983), Carolynn dubs the film's leading lady Sabrina Siani, who made a career out of starring in such silly barbarian adventures

In the enjoyable low-budget post apocalypse adventure The Final Executioner (1983), Carolynn dubs the role of sadistic villainess Edra, played by the little-known Marina Costa. She later dubbed Costa again in Antonio Margheriti's adventure flick Jungle Raiders (1985)

In Hanna D. - The Girl from Vondel Park (1984), a sleazy Italian rip-off of Christiane F. (1981), Carolynn's dubs the voice of the heroine's mother, a sobbing, alcoholic wreak played by German actress Karin Schubert. Once a big star, Schubert's career was in shambles at the time - prompting her to embark on a career in hardcore porn the following year

Yet another sleazy W.I.P. movie that Carolynn worked on was Women in Fury (1985), in which she dubs the voice of Brazilian character actress Zeni Pereira in the role of a supersized and intimidating-looking bulldyke who befriends the film's heroine

The trashy and violent jungle adventure Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985) features Carolynn as the voice of actress Marta Anderson in the role of an insufferably bitchy and hysterical woman

Lucio Fulci's offbeat erotic thriller The Devil's Honey (1986) has Carolynn dubbing the voice of former James Bond girl Corinne Clery in the role of the protagonist's unsatisfied wife

By the late 1980s, low-budget grade Z nonsense seemed to take up more and more of Carolynn's output, such as the trashy post apocalypse adventure Urban Warriors (1987), in which she dubs the role of the sexy Malisa Longo

In the 13-episode TV series Valentina (1989), based on the famous comic series by Guido Crepax, Carolynn can be heard in the ninth episode entitled "Rembrandt and the Witches", in which she dubs actress Margareta Von Krauss in the role of a mysterious witch

In Antonio Margheriti's environmentally friendly but terribly lackluster sci-fi/horror flick Alien from the Deep (1989), Carolynn dubs the film's female lead Marina Giulia Cavalli. That same year she also dubbed Cavalli in the middling giallo Fashion Crimes and Umberto Lenzi's TV horror movie The House of Witchcraft

After nearly 30 years in the business, Carolynn was still dubbing female leads in the late 1980s, even though, truthfully, she wasn’t always the right choice for those parts. A great example of this would be when the then 59-year old Carolynn was chosen to dub the voice of 23-year old actress Lara Wendel in the low-grade horror film The Red Monks (1988). There is just no way for that to not sound awkward no matter how talented you are, and consequently, Carolynn made the right decision by moving on to voice character parts as the 1990s hit.

In Lucio Fulci's penultimate film, the horror flick Voices from Beyond (1991), Carolynn dubs actress Frances Nacman in appropriately bitchy and nasty fashion

Aldo Lado's little-known giallo Circle of Fear (1992) features Carolynn as the voice of an imperiled lawyer played by Carla Cassola

The 90s giallo Crime of Passion (1994) has Carolynn dubbing the voice of the great Florinda Bolkan. Carolynn was doing Bolkan's voice in several films during this period, including Millions (1990) and The Strange Story of Olga O. (1995)

The obscure TV movie thriller Witness Run (1996) features Carroll Baker in her final Italian production. She plays the ambitious and diabolical mother of a US senator but didn't stay around to dub her own voice, so that job instead went to Carolynn

Due to my very limited interest in Italian productions from the 1990s and beyond, I cannot really offer a lot of insight into the dubbing work Carolynn did in that period, and 1996’s Witness Run remains the most recent film in which I’ve discovered her voice. I believe she continued to work for some time after that but, sadly, Carolynn’s health eventually started to decline and she passed away in 2009 at age 80. But her vast and invaluable contributions to the English dubbing scene in Rome have ensured that Carolynn De Fonseca will not be forgotten any time soon.

I am going to cap off this tribute to Carolynn with a long and extensive dubbing filmography which I have carefully compiled over a number of years of watching Italian movies. Considering that she worked on more than a 1000 films, it goes without saying that my list of 421 credits is very much incomplete. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg, but I still think it’s a nice way to honor this great and insanely prolific voice actress. Also, I’ll continue to update the list as I discover new dubbing parts, so it will get more extensive with time. Do note that I omitted a couple of films where she only did background voices or only had a single line as I don’t consider that to be particularly noteworthy. I’ve listed the names of the actresses she dubbed in each film but in the few instances where I was unable to identify the actress I just wrote the character name in quotes instead. Anyway, without further ado, here is the list and I hope you enjoy it:

List of dubbing credits (421 titles)

Violette Marceau in DUEL OF THE CHAMPIONS (1961)

Ornella Vanoni in DUEL OF THE TITANS (1961)

Luciana Angiolillo in HERCULES CONQUERS ATLANTIS (1961)



Giulia Rubini in RAGE OF THE BUCCANEERS (1961)

Lidia Alfonsi in THE TROJAN HORSE (1961)


'Leonore McDonald' in WEREWOLF IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY (1961)

Tina Gloriani in FURY OF ACHILLES (1962)

Moira Orfei in KERIM, SON OF THE SHEIK (1962)



Cristina Gaioni in THE SLAVE GIRLS OF SHEBA (1963)

Janine Hendy in THOR AND THE AMAZON WOMEN (1963)

Bella Cortez in TOR – MIGHTY WARRIOR (1963)

Daliah Lavi in THE WHIP AND THE BODY (1963)


Jayne Mansfield in DOG EAT DOG (1964)

Ingrid Thulin in GAMES OF DESIRE (1964)

Lisa Gastoni in GENTLEMEN OF THE NIGHT (1964)

Nicole Tessier in THE GIANTS OF ROME (1964)


Claude Dantes in THE HYENA OF LONDON (1964)

Lina Alberti in THE LAST GUN (1964)

Franca Bettoja in THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1964)

Barbara Steele in THE LONG HAIR OF DEATH (1964)


Jayne Mansfield in PRIMITIVE LOVE (1964)



Nadia Gray in ADVENTURER OF TORTUGA (1965)

Moa Tahi in BLOODY PIT OF HORROR (1965)

Fulvia Franco in A COFFIN FOR THE SHERIFF (1965)

Luisa Rispoli in DESPERATE MISSION (1965)

Anita Todesco in THE EMBALMER (1965)

Marilù Tolo in ESPIONAGE IN LISBON (1965)

Perla Cristal in ESPIONAGE IN TANGIERS (1965)

Cristina Gaioni in FIRE OVER ROME (1965)

Lucretia Love in FROM ISTANBUL, ORDERS TO KILL (1965)

Halina Zalewska in GIANT OF THE EVIL ISLAND (1965)

Gia Sandri in HERCULES THE AVENGER (1965)

Leontine May in PASSPORT TO HELL (1965)

Marianne Koch in A PLACE CALLED GLORY (1965)

Rosanna Schiaffino in RED DRAGON (1965)

'Fleming's lover' in SECRET AGENT FIREBALL (1965)

Daniela Bianchi in SLALOM (1965)



Pamela Tudor in $100.000 FOR LASSITER (1966)

Liana Orfei in BORMAN (1966)


Margaret Lee in DJURADO (1966)

Margaret Lee in KILLER'S CARNIVAL (1966)

Wandisa Guida in KILLERS ARE CHALLENGED (1966)

Françoise Prevost in THE MURDER CLINIC (1966)

Maria Badmajew in OUR MAN IN CASABLANCA (1966)

Franco Ressel in PASSWORD: KILL AGENT GORDON (1966)

Hélène Chanel in RING AROUND THE WORLD (1966)

Valeria Fabrizi in RINGO AND HIS GOLDEN PISTOL (1966)


Gina Rovere in SUGAR COLT (1966)


Rada Rassimov in A TASTE FOR KILLING (1966)

Cina Doren in A TICKET TO DIE (1966)

Linda Sini in THE WAR OF THE PLANETS (1966)

Rosanna Schiaffino in THE WITCH (1966)

Hélène Chanel in 32 CALIBER KILLER (1967)

Silvia Solar in AGENT SIGMA 3 (1967)

Anna Zinnemann in AVENGER X (1967)

Femi Benussi in BORN TO KILL (1967)

Dana Ghia in THE DIRTY OUTLAWS (1967)

Lidia Alfonsi in FACE TO FACE (1967)

Seyna Seyn in FLASHMAN (1967)

Gina Rovere in GOD FORGIVES... I DON'T! (1967)



Rosalba Neri in HOT DIAMONDS IN COLD BLOOD (1967)

Maria Silva in KILL THE WICKED (1967)

Lola Falana in LOLA COLT (1967)

Karin Skarreso in LSD – FLESH OF THE DEVIL (1967)

Ingrid Schoeller in MISSION PHANTOM (1967)

Ann Smyrner in MISSION STARDUST (1967)

Halina Zalewska in THE SNOW DEVILS (1967)

Eleonora Bianchi in TURN... I'LL KILL YOU (1967)

Gabriella Giorgelli in THE TWO FACES OF THE DOLLAR (1967)

Maria Martin in DEAD MEN DON’T COUNT (1968)

Anita Ekberg in DEATH KNOCKS TWICE (1968)

Claudie Lange in FULL HOUSE FOR THE DEVIL (1968)

Agnes Spaak in GOD MADE THEM... I KILL THEM (1968)

Marisa Merlini in THE GREAT SILENCE (1968)

Stefania Careddu in JOHNNY HAMLET (1968)

Daniela Bianchi in THE LAST CHANCE (1968)

Evelyn Stewart in A NAME THAT CRIED REVENGE (1968)

Linda Veras in RUN, MAN, RUN (1968)

Rossella Falk in RUN, PSYCHO, RUN (1968)

Cristina Penz in STRANGER, SAY YOUR PRAYERS (1968)


Bruna Simionato in VIVA DJANGO (1968)

Narrator/Jayne Mansfield in THE WILD, WILD WORLD OF JAYNE MANSFIELD (1968)

Madiha Kamel in BATTLE OF THE DAMNED (1969)

Barbara Carroll in DEATH ON HIGH MOUNTAIN (1969)

Gloria Osuna in HELL COMMANDOS (1969)


Igli Villani in THE LAW OF VIOLENCE (1969)

Chelo Alonso in NEST OF VIPERS (1969)

Franca Licastro in SHADOW OF SARTANA... SHADOW OF YOUR DEATH! (1969)

Nathalie Delon in THE SISTERS (1969)

Ingrid Schoeller in THEY PAID WITH BULLETS (1969)

Rosalba Neri and Helena Ronee in THE TOUGH AND THE MIGHTY (1969)

Margaret Lee in VENUS IN FURS (1969)

Françoise Prevost in A WOMAN ON FIRE (1969)

Linda Veras in CHAPAGUA'S GOLD (1970)


'First female victim' in THE HORRIBLE SEXY VAMPIRE (1970)

'Francesca's mother' in THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WIFE (1970)

Evelyn Stewart in QUEENS OF EVIL (1970)




Daniela Giordano in SHADOW OF ILLUSION (1970)


Gabriella Stivaletto in WHEN THE BELL TOLLS (1970)

Paola Borboni in WHEN WOMEN HAD TAILS (1970)


Silvia Monti in BLACKIE THE PIRATE (1971)

Gabriella D'Olive in THE BLOODSTAINED BUTTERFLY (1971)

Lola Herrera, Vicky Lagos and 'Woman in TV commercial' in THE CANNIBAL MAN (1971)

Edwige Fenech in DESERT OF FIRE (1971)

Teresa Gimpera in THE FEAST OF SATAN (1971)

Ira Fürstenberg in THE FIFTH CORD (1971)

Valeria Fabrizi in FOUR PISTOLS FOR TRINITY (1971)


Diana Lorys in KILL DJANGO... KILL FIRST (1971)

Maily Doria in THE LAST TRAITOR (1971)

Franca Polesello in SHOOT JOE, AND SHOOT AGAIN (1971)

Rosalba Neri in SLAUGHTER HOTEL (1971)

Cristina Airoldi in THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH (1971)


Bahar Erdeniz in THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH! (1972)

Carla Brait in THE CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS (1972)

Susan Scott in CREEPING DEATH (1972)

Anita Ekberg in DEADLY TRACKERS (1972)

Matilde Antonelli in DEATH IS SWEET FROM THE SOLDIER OF GOD (1972)

Florinda Bolkan in DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING (1972)


Eva Czemerys in LOVES OF A NYMPHO (1972)

Francesca Romana Coluzzi in MANHUNT (1972)

Teresa Gimpera in NAKED GIRL KILLED IN PARK... (1972)

Teresa Gimpera in THE NIGHT OF THE DEVILS (1972)




Marilù Tolo in SHADOWS UNSEEN (1972)

Liana Trouchè in THE SICILIAN CHECKMATE (1972)

Rosalba Neri in SMILE BEFORE DEATH (1972)

Jessica Dublin in SO SWEET, SO DEAD (1972)

Irene D’Astrea in TOO MUCH GOLD FOR ONE GRINGO (1972)

'Woman at rented house' in WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? (1972)

Marie Luise Zetha in YOU CAN DO A LOT WITH 7 WOMEN (1972)


Dina Adorni in AMARCORD (1973)

Rosalba Neri in THE ARENA (1973)

Genie Woods in BATTLE OF THE AMAZONS (1973)

Maria Fiore in THE BIG FAMILY (1973)

Denise O'Hara in THE BLOODY HANDS OF THE LAW (1973)


Angela Bo in DEATH SMILES AT MURDER (1973)

Melù Valente in HOSPITALS, THE WHITE MAFIA (1973)


Francesca Romana Coluzzi in KARATE, FISTS AND BEANS (1973)

Lidia Alfonsi in LADY DYNAMITE (1973)

Teresa Velázquez in ONE WAY (1973)

Esperanza Roy in RETURN OF THE EVIL DEAD (1973)

Doris Kunstmann in SEVEN DEATHS IN THE CAT’S EYES (1973)

Dada Gallotti in THE SON OF ZORRO (1973)

Greta Vayan in TALES OF CANTERBURY (1973)

Agata Lys in TEQUILA (1973)

Rosaria Della Femmina in TORSO (1973)

Fausta Pittoni in WHEN LOVE IS LUST (1973)

Valeria Fabrizi and Bedy Moratti in THE WOMEN IN CELL BLOCK 7 (1973)

Genie Woods in AMAZONS AND SUPERMEN (1974)

Claudia Cardinale in BLOOD BROTHERS (1974)

Femi Benussi in CARNAL REVENGE (1974)

'Heroin smuggler' in CRY OF A PROSTITUTE (1974)

Helga Liné in DEATH WILL HAVE YOUR EYES (1974)

'Occult woman' in THE DEVIL WITHIN HER (1974)


Isabella Biagini in EROTOMANIA (1974)

Jill Pratt in FLAVIA, THE HERETIC (1974)

Erika Blanc in THE HANDSOME DEVIL (1974)

Silvia Monti in THE LAST DESPERATE HOURS (1974)

Vera De Oliveira in NOA NOA (1974)

Carla Mancini in THE PERFUME OF THE LADY IN BLACK (1974)

Didi Perego in POKER IN BED (1974)

Monica Monet in SHOOT FIRST... DIE LATER (1974)

Liana Trouchè in SILENCE THE WITNESS (1974)

Monica Monet in SPASMO (1974)


Karin Schubert in THIS TIME I'LL MAKE YOU RICH (1974)

Laura De Marchi in THE TREE WITH PINK LEAVES (1974)

Sabine Sun in WAR GODDESS (1974)


Gisela Hahn in WHITE FANG TO THE RESCUE (1974)

Isabelle Marchall in BLACK EMANUELLE (1975)

Monica Vitti in BLONDE IN BLACK LEATHER (1975)

Teresa Velázquez in THE DARK IS DEATH'S FRIEND (1975)

Daria Nicolodi in DEEP RED (1975)

Rosemarie Lindt in EMANUELLE'S REVENGE (1975)

Pilar Velazquez in EVIL EYE (1975)

Silvia Solar in EYEBALL (1975)

'Rosa' in FOOTPRINTS (1975)

Diana Lorys in GET MEAN (1975)

Serena Bennato in THE KIDNAP SYNDICATE (1975)

'Signora Di Federico' in KILLER COP (1975)

Antonella Murgia in THE LEFT HAND OF THE LAW (1975)

Dada Gallotti in REFLECTIONS IN BLACK (1975)

Magali Noel in SEASON FOR ASSASSINS (1975)

Loredana Nusciak in SILENT ACTION (1975)

Juliette Mayniel in SINS WITHIN THE FAMILY (1975)

Giuliana Cecchini in STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER (1975)

Femi Benussi in SYNDICATE SADISTS (1975)


Francesca Romana Coluzzi in YOUNG DRACULA (1975)


Ely Galleani in APACHE WOMAN (1976)

Rossella Como in THE AU PAIR GIRL (1976)

Anna Zinnemann in THE BIG RACKET (1976)

Dagmar Lassander in BLACK EMANUELLE 2 (1976)


Dada Gallotti in BLOODY PAYROLL (1976)

Rosanna Fratello in CROSS SHOT (1976)

Maria Renata Franco and Maria Piera Regoli in EMANUELLE IN AMERICA (1976)

'Transvestite' in FEAR IN THE CITY (1976)

Maristella Greco in THE GESTAPO'S LAST ORGY (1976)

Tina Aumont and Anna Proclemer in ILLUSTRIOUS CORPSES (1976)

Maria De Sisti in THE LADY MEDIC (1976)

Susana Gimenez in THE LAST ROUND (1976)

Ria De Simone in LOVE IN FOUR EASY LESSONS (1976)

Carroll Baker in MY FATHER'S WIFE (1976)

Cecilia Polizzi in PLOT OF FEAR (1976)

Anna Taddei in RISKING (1976)

Gisela Hahn in RULERS OF THE CITY (1976)

Patrizia Melega in SS CAMP 5 - WOMEN'S HELL (1976)

Patrizia Melega in SS EXPERIMENT LOVE CAMP (1976)

Beatrice Pellegrino in THE TOUGH ONES (1976)

Maria Grazia Spina in VIOLENT NAPLES (1976)

Yanti Somer in WHO MISLAID MY WIFE? (1976)

Marisa Mell in THE BEAST WITH A GUN (1977)

Olga Karlatos in BLOOD AND DIAMONDS (1977)

Paola Dominguin in CALIFORNIA (1977)

Bianca Toccafondi in THE CAT'S VICTIMS (1977)

Marcella Michelangeli in COULD IT HAPPEN HERE? (1977)

Gabriella Giorgelli in THE CYNIC, THE RAT AND THE FIST (1977)

Linda Sini in DAY OF VIOLENCE (1977)

Paola Quattrini in DEATH HUNT (1977)

Malisa Longo in EL MACHO (1977)

'Motorcyclist' in THE HEROIN BUSTERS (1977)

Mariangela Melato in IN THE BEACH HOUSE (1977)

Martine Brochard in THE LAST DADDY (1977)

Lori Wagner in MESSALINA, MESSALINA (1977)

Vanessa Vitale in THE PYJAMA GIRL CASE (1977)

Laura De Marchi in READY FOR ANYTHING (1977)

Dagmar Lassander in RETURN OF THE 38 GANG (1977)

Nathalie Delon in SEAGULLS FLY LOW (1977)

Patrizia Sacchi in SISTER EMANUELLE (1977)

Ivana Novak in STUNT SQUAD (1977)

Barbara Magnolfi in SUSPIRIA (1977)


Lorraine De Selle in WOMEN'S CAMP 119 (1977)

Seyna Seyn in YELLOW EMANUELLE (1977)

Anna Maria Rizzoli in BLAZING FLOWERS (1978)

Juliette Mayniel in THE BLOODSTAINED SHADOW (1978)

Isa Danieli in BROTHERS TILL WE DIE (1978)

Montserrat Julio in THE COMING OF SIN (1978)

Ajita Wilson and 'Kathleen the porn actress' in EMANUELLE AND THE PORNO NIGHTS (1978)

Marina D'Aunia and Angela Doria in ESCAPE FROM WOMEN'S PRISON (1978)

Viviana Polic in THE GUN (1978)

Maria Monti in LITTLE LIPS (1978)

Sirpa Lane in PAPAYA OF THE CARIBBEAN (1978)

Olga Bisera in SAFARI RALLY (1978)

Sandra Alberti in SATAN'S BLOOD (1978)


Antonella Murgia in THE SQUEEZE (1978)

Yanti Somer in STAR ODYSSEY (1978)

Lecinia Lentini in TO BE TWENTY (1978)

Malisa Longo in THE WAR OF THE ROBOTS (1978)

Mila Stanic in AND GIVE US OUR DAILY SEX (1979)

Zlata Petkovic in BATTLE OF THE EAGLES (1979)

Franca Stoppi in BEYOND THE DARKNESS (1979)

Florence Cayrol in BLACK GOLD DOSSIER (1979)

Renata Zamengo in THE CONCORDE AFFAIR (1979)

Sherry Buchanan in EMANUELLE AND JOANNA (1979)

Anda Vartholomeou in EMANUELLE, QUEEN OF SADOS (1979)

Cintia Lodetti in ESCAPE FROM HELL (1979)

Gloria Piedimonte in THE FACE WITH 2 LEFT FEET (1979)

Maria Baxa in GARDENIA (1979)

Ajita Wilson in HOTEL PARADISE (1979)

Anita Ekberg in THE KILLER NUN (1979)


Anna Maria Clementi in THE PORNO SHOP ON 7th AVENUE (1979)

Lilli Carati in SKIN DEEP (1979)

Paola Senatore in TARGET (1979)

Gianfranca Dionisi in TERROR EXPRESS! (1979)

Monica Vitti in TIGERS IN LIPSTICK (1979)

Tisa Farrow in ANTROPOPHAGUS (1980)

Licinia Lentini in THE DAY OF THE COBRA (1980)

Margaret Rose Keil in ESCAPE FROM GALAXY 3 (1980)

'Mrs. Jacquard' in HARD SENSATION (1980)

'Josie' in HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD (1980)

Alida Valli in INFERNO (1980)

Bernice Stegers in MACABRE (1980)

Anita Strindberg in MURDER OBSESSION (1980)

Susan Forget in THE OTHER HELL (1980)

Laura Gemser in SEXY EROTIC LOVE (1980)


'Luisa' in THE WARNING (1980)

Hanja Kochansky in ABSURD (1981)

Alessandra Vazzoler in BUDDY GOES WEST (1981)

Valeria Fabrizi in CHASTE AND PURE (1981)

Donatella Damiani in HONEY (1981)

Dagmar Lassander in THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (1981)

Mirta Miller in THE LAST HAREM (1981)

Grazia De Giorgi in NATHALIE (1981)

Mariangela Giordano in THE NIGHTS OF TERROR (1981)

Marisa Merlini and Francesca Romana Coluzzi in PIERINO AGAINST THE WORLD (1981)


Laura Gemser in ATOR THE FIGHTING EAGLE (1982)

Ajita Wilson in CATHERINE CHERIE (1982)

Franca Mantelli in CRAZY NAVY (1982)

Ursula Andress in MEXICO IN FLAMES (1982)

Fanny Magier in NERO AND POPPEA – AN ORGY OF POWER (1982)

Rita Silva in THE NEW YORK RIPPER (1982)

Corliss Randall in NINJA STRIKES BACK (1982)

Hilda Fuchs in PIECES (1982)

Wandisa Guida in THE SCORPION WITH TWO TAILS (1982)

Grazia De Giorgi in SWEET BODY OF BIANCA (1982)

Yvonne Fraschetti in THE SWORD OF THE BARBARIANS (1982)

Françoise Perrot in VIOLENCE IN A WOMEN'S PRISON (1982)

Simonetta Stefanelli in THE ART OF LOVE (1983)

Ursula Flores in BLADE VIOLENT (1983)

Marina Costa in THE FINAL EXECUTIONER (1983)

Rita Silva in HELL BEHIND BARS (1983)

Rita Silva in HELL PENITENTIARY (1983)

Paola Senatore in MALOMBRA (1983)

Bridgit Pelz in RUSH (1983)


Sabrina Siani in THE THRONE OF FIRE (1983)

Danika La Loggia in THE VIOLENT BREED (1983)

Concha Marquez Piquer in YELLOW HAIR AND THE FORTRESS OF GOLD (1983)

'Filiberto's widow' in THE ALCOVE (1984)

Sandra Milo in CINDY - CINDERELLA '80 (1984)

Anita Kupsch in COP IN DRAG (1984)

Karin Schubert in HANNA D. - THE GIRL FROM VONDEL PARK (1984)

Victoria Vera in MONSTER DOG (1984)

'Molly' in MONSTER SHARK (1984)

Daria Nicolodi in PHENOMENA (1984)

Laura Gemser in LOOKING GOOD (ca 1985)

Dalila Di Lazzaro in DEATH COMMANDO (1985)



Marina Costa in JUNGLE RAIDERS (1985)

Marta Anderson in MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY (1985)

Laura Trotter in MIAMI GOLEM (1985)

Dagmar Lassander in THE PLEASURE (1985)

Zeni Pereira in WOMEN IN FURY (1985)

Francesca Ferré in BRIDGE TO HELL (1986)

Rita Savagnone in CORRUPTION (1986)

Corinne Clery in THE DEVIL'S HONEY (1986)

'Indian woman' in HANDS OF STEEL (1986)

Milly D'Abbraccio in THE KISS OF THE COBRA (1986)

Francesca Ferré in THE MINES OF KILIMANJARO (1986)

Beni Cardoso in WHITE APACHE (1986)

Ljiljana Blagojevic in AENIGMA (1987)

Eva Grimaldi in BLACK COBRA (1987)

'Steel's Wife' in BROTHERS IN BLOOD (1987)

Zaira Zoccheddu, 'Carmela' and 'Marco’s mother' in THE CROSS OF SEVEN JEWELS (1987)

Iris Peynado in IRON WARRIOR (1987)

Marjorie Manushaw in NIGHT OF THE SHARKS (1987)

Beni Cardoso in SCALPS (1987)

Malisa Longo in URBAN WARRIORS (1987)

Mylène Demongeot in BIG MAN - AN UNUSUAL INSURANCE (1988)

Mylène Demongeot in BIG MAN - THE FALSE ETRUSCAN (1988)

Mylène Demongeot in BIG MAN - THE DIVA (1988)

Mylène Demongeot in BIG MAN - BOOMERANG (1988)

Mylène Demongeot in BIG MAN - $ 395 AN OUNCE (1988)

Zora Kerova in THE GHOSTS OF SODOM (1988)

Victoria Lustig in JAILBIRD ROCK (1988)

Milene Thy-Sanh in LAST PLATOON (1988)

Adriana Russo in THE MURDER SECRET (1988)

Clara Colosimo in NOSFERATU IN VENICE (1988)

Janet Agren in RATMAN (1988)

Lara Wendel in THE RED MONKS (1988)

Patrizia De Clara in STRADIVARI (1988)

Zora Kerova in TOUCH OF DEATH (1988)

Kathy Shower in VELVET DREAMS (1988)

Marina Giulia Cavalli in ALIEN FROM THE DEEP (1989)

Tinì Cansino in BLACK ANGEL (1989)

Florence Guerin in THE BLACK CAT (1989)

Margie Newton in THE BRONX EXECUTIONER (1989)

Sherrie Rose in BROTHERS IN WAR (1989)

'Nurse' in CY WARRIOR (1989)

Marina Giulia Cavalli in FASHION CRIMES (1989)

Licia Colò in THE HOUSE OF LOST SOULS (1989)

Marina Giulia Cavalli in THE HOUSE OF WITCHCRAFT (1989)

Martine Brochard in THE MAN WHO DIDN'T WANT TO DIE (1989)

Marina Viro in THE PRINCE OF TERROR (1989)

Cinzia Monreale in THE SWEET HOUSE OF HORRORS (1989)

Margareta Von Krauss in VALENTINA (TV series) - episode "Rembrandt and the Witches" (1989)

Christina Engelhardt in DEMONIA (1990)

'Bitchy journalist' and 'Hotel receptionist' in KILLER CROCODILE 2 (1990)

Michele Dehne in LAST FLIGHT TO HELL (1990)

Florinda Bolkan in MILLIONS (1990)

Frances Nacman in VOICES FROM BEYOND (1991)

'Mrs. Tommasini' in ALL LADIES DO IT (1992)

Carla Cassola in CIRCLE OF FEAR (1992)

Serena Grandi in CRAVING DESIRE (1993)

Florinda Bolkan in CRIME OF PASSION (1994)

Birte Berg in THE WEB OF SILENCE – A.I.D.S. (1994)

Florinda Bolkan in OLGA O's STRANGE STORY (1995)

Carroll Baker in WITNESS RUN (1996)

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