tirsdag 8. mai 2012

Some sexy 1960s pin-up photos

Just for the fun of it: Here are a couple of sexy pin-up photos from the 1960s featuring various sexy European actresses. Hope ya like 'em!

Rosalba Neri

Rosalba again

Laura Antonelli

Maria Grazia Spina

Giovanna Ralli

Helga Liné

Helga again - in a more revealing shot this time

Janine Reynaud

Lorenza Guerrieri

Margaret Lee

Lisa Gastoni

Femi Benussi

2 kommentarer:

Giovanni Susina sa...

Wonderful gallery. I love Rosalba Neri, especially in Asylum Erotica. Helga Line always rocks my world in just about every Spanish Horror film I've seen her in, particularly as a brunette in The Mummy's Revenge with Paul Naschy. Margaret Lee is my favorite Eurospy girl; her smirk drives me crazy.

Johan Melle sa...

Thanks! I completely agree. Rosalba, Helga and Margaret are all wonderful actresses. Very seductive and captivating, and always commanding attention even in the smallest of roles.