lørdag 12. mars 2011

More print ads with Euro actresses unearthed

Finally! It's time for another batch of vintage prints ads featuring beautiful Euro-actresses. Enjoy the show!

First woman out is the gorgeous Virna Lisi. I've already posted an ad she did for Chlorodont toothpaste in 1964 here, but below we have a much earlier Chlorodont ad that Virna did in 1960, when she was looking very young and innocent:

Virna endorsed Chlorodont throughout most of the 1960s so there's certainly no shortage of different ads to be found. Here is one from 1964:

But as usual, Lux soap is the big favorite, and the next scan is a Lux ad featuring the beautiful Danish actress Annette Stroyberg. Annette is best known for her marriage to the famous French director Roger Vadim, who directed her in Les liaisons dangereuses (1959) and in the vampire film Blood and Roses (1960). After their divorce in 1960, Annette moved to Italy, where she appeared in notable films like Roberto Rosselini's Anima nera (1962), as well as less prestigious stuff like the comedies Beach Casanova (1962) and The Eye of the Needle (1963). Annette had become a popular actress in Italy by the time she did this ad in 1964 but she retired from acting shortly afterwards.

Lovely Italian actress Rossana Podestà started her acting career in 1950 and was given a chance at worldwide fame when she landed the title role in the Hollywood epic Helen of Troy (1956) directed by Robert Wise. Unfortunately, the film wasn't all that successful but Rossana nevertheless had a long and successful career in Italy, where she appeared in memorable films such as the adventure flick The Golden Arrow (1962) where she starred alongside Tab Hunter, the spectacle Sodom and Gomorrah (1962), the gothic horror film The Virgin of Nuremberg (1963), the caper classic Seven Golden Men (1965) and its sequel Seven Golden Men Strike Again (1966). Her popularity and good looks made her a natural choice to be featured in this advertisement for Lux soap in 1967:

Geraldine Chaplin, daughter of the legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin, should need no introduction. She has enjoyed a long and succesful career in Hollywood but has also done occasional work in Europe. Geraldine had just starred in the obscure Italian film Andremo in città (1966) and in Robert Hossein's French/Italian production I Killed Rasputin (1967) when she did this ad for Lux soap in 1967:

Finally, we have yet another ad for Lux soap, featuring the sexy German Elke Sommer - famous for her roles in such films as A Shot in the Dark (1964), Deadlier Than the Male (1967), Baron Blood (1972), Lisa and the Devil (1973) and numerous others. I have previously posted a Lux ad that Elke did in 1965 here, but below is a later one that she did in 1967:

That's all for now but I promise that some more goodies will follow later on.

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