fredag 18. desember 2009

Cool, old Variety Ads #2

As promised, here are some more cool movie ads scanned from a Variety issue from May 1978:

Nice poster art for The Uranium Conspiracy, an enjoyable action flick starring Fabio Testi and Janet Agren, and directed by Israeli producer/director Menahem Golan shortly before he and his cousin, Yoram Globus, took over The Cannon Group.

Poster work for Speed Fever, a weird motorsport documentary featuring footage of both Formula 1, drag racing and NASCAR, and with sexy cinema actress Sydne Rome interviewing lots of famous motorsport celebrities. And music by the De Angelis bros!

A somewhat boring ad annoucing the WW2 film From Hell to Victory directed by Umberto Lenzi under the pseudonym Hank Milestone. The ad carefully points out that From Hell to Victory is only a tentative title but they ended up sticking to it when the film was made in 1979 with such stars as George Peppard, George Hamilton, Horst Bucholz and Capucine.

Bud Spencer strikes again in the film The Knock Out Cop. I've never been a particuarly big fan of him but he admittedly does his thing very well and knows just what his fans want from him.

Poster work for Covert Action, an Italian crime flick lensed in Greece and starring David Janssen, Maurizio Merli, Corinne Clery and Arhur Kennedy among others. Never seen it but it has a great cast going for it at least.

Missile-X - The Neutron Bomb Incident is co-production between (hold on) West Germany, Spain, Italy, the US and Iran, and is probably better-known under its US title Cruise Missile. It stars Mission Impossible-star Peter Graves as an intelligence agent out to stop a power-hungry baron (Curd Jürgens - fresh from his role as a Bond villain in The Spy Who Loved Me) who has stolen Soviet nuclear missile. Also stars John Carradine(!) and the very sexy Karin Schubert. I haven't seen it but it but it sounds great at least.

Of course, not all the films announced in Variety end up being made and this ad for an Italian science fiction film called Voyage Beyond the Universe is a good example. Italian production company P.A.C. was supposed to produce it and have it ready for release by Christmas 1978 but there's no director or any stars listed. I'm guessing P.A.C. just whipped together a title and some artwork for the Cannes Film Market and hoped they'd attract some investors. The plan obviously failed, though.

But Variety doesn't just have movie ads. Sometimes actors advertize their services too! This ad attempted to get international producers to discover sexy Italian actress Dalila Di Lazzaro - known from tons of Italian cult films like Flesh for Frankenstein (1973), The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) and Phenomena (1984) among others.

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