tirsdag 19. februar 2008

Unknown Actor #1: "Old Boxer's Nose"

Ever seen this guy in a film before? No? Well, chances are that you have, but perhaps without noticing him.

The above picture is taken from the Italian spy-thriller TV mini series Notturno (1982), where the man in the picture plays an uncredited part as a C.I.A. man. As I watched this characteristic white-haired guy with a boxer's nose, I strongly felt as if I'd seen him somewhere before. Don't you just hate that? Knowing you've seen an actor before but not being able to remember where you've seen him...

Well, as time has passed, I've come to spot this man in lots of other films dating all the way from 1967 to 1995 but I still don't have a clue as to who he is. It would seem, though, that he was a regular bit player at Cinecittà. He has appeared in several small non-speaking parts or been a background actor, but he has also taken on a few bigger roles where he gets to speak some dialogue.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you may recognize him as one of the cops during the hostage situation in Ruggero Deodato's Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (1976), an orderly at the asylum in Joe D'Amato's Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977), one of the German officers on the train in Enzo G. Castellari's The Inglorious Bastards (1977) or as one of the military officers in Umberto Lenzi's Nightmare City (1980) just to mention a few notable titles.

Some pictures of this enigmatic actor's various acting roles:

Master Stroke (1967)

It Takes a Thief (TV series), episode: "The King of Thieves" (1969)

Autopsy (1973)

C.I.A. Secret Story (1975)

Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (1976)

SS Girls (1976)

Il... Belpaese (1977)

Emanuelle Around the World (1977)

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977)

The Inglorious Bastards (1977)

They Called Him Bulldozer (1978)

The New Godfathers (1979)

Nightmare City (1980)

Lion of the Desert (1981)

Wettlauf nach Bombay (1981), a European TV mini series

Robot Jox (1989)

Witness Run (1995)

In addition to being in films, this actor has also appeared in fotoromanzi (photo novels). I am not sure how many of these he may have done as I have only found him in one so far. Below are some pictures from one a Killing photo novel from 1967, in which this actor has a small role as a cop:

Obviously, this list of acting appearences is incomplete. This guy must have appeared in numerous other films. If you know of any other films he appears in or, better yet, know his name, then please speak up. It is my big hope to able to identify him one day but for the time-being, I'm just going to nick-name him "Old Boxer's Nose".

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Great blog Johan.
Just found out that this guy is an ex-boxer called Frank Gio aka Gioseffi who was born in New York,hope that helps mate.

Stephen Grimes

Johan Melle sa...

Thanks. The picture of Gio at the Pollanet website looks like it's a different guy than the one I'm looking for, though, but that could be a mistake. I'm going to have a look at some of the films Gio is credited in next :)